Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So Sunday EARLY morning I arrived home from a trip to the US. Had such a wonderful time and did alot of first timers. We stayed in Myrtle Beach which is in South Carolina. So got to travel through New York, West Virginia, pennsylvania and other well known states.

Not the most flattering picture of myself but I like the fact that I was in Pennsylvania.

I really was suprised when I came to Canada on how different it was to Australia, but the US is very different to back home. Even when you drive along the roads (Ignoring the fact of the different sides you drive on) it's so much different.
We went to a zoo and I held a snake, well two of them, this is a very big deal for me as since I was young enough to remember snakes have been a very big fear for me. A couple of years ago I use to go for walks to the top of our farm and had a snake crawl up my leg and since then haven't even been able to think about them. These were friendly snakes though!

So, we went to this restaurant called The Dicks. It's a place where they are very rude and just don't care. Below is a picture of myself and the waiter. He got very excited when he knew that I was Australian. You walk into the place and they yell at you from the other side of the room and tell you to sit down and then they throw everything at you and be rude. It's such a great place. Towards the end of your meal the waiter makes you a hat (as above) saying something usually that he learnt about your personailty (these are usually sarcastic comments) The waiter wrote on mine:
I see tables and Poles in my future.
Im glad he thought he was funny. lol.

This is a picture of our Condo and the view from our Room.

Hope you all have a lovely week. xx


  1. That cafe sounds funny... only in America! isn't it amazing all the new exeriences you are having!

  2. I can't beleive that is you with the snakessss..and for the record there will be no tables and poles in your future.lol...Love the condo and veiw no wonder you love it so much over there...

  3. Around 2000 my husband got a few trips for work. He has been to Ontario, close to or in Pennslyvania, NY state, NY city, Tennessee and California. I also like that fact that he was so close or in Penn. for a short time while driving. But South Carolina, what a lucky girl. I play South Carolina Low Country by Josh Turner, a Christian whenever I can. I just took the CD out of my car yesterday, thought I should play something else lol.

    When in Tennessee he said his boss and others went out at night and the others were very popular because of their accent.

    I would love to go to Richmond, Virginia. I think it is close to where The Waltons was set.

    The trips my husband went on made it easier for me to understand what I read on the net and read some novels I think.

    I am so glad you weren't hurt by the snake at home.

  4. How lucky you get to go on vacation almost as soon as you get there. Lilah looks like a cheeky little monkey and Dick's restaurant looks questionable!!

    Cheers - Joolz