Friday, March 5, 2010

First post!

My mother once told me that she visits my blog everday to see whether I've updated it or not, well I jump on my blog six months after the creation and the making of one post and see that I have only had fifteen profile views. If there are fifteen days in six months then my Mother was telling the truth, but I always thought there were 365 days in a year and half that to get 182.5. That's ironic! I have finally given in to re-start my blog and change my name to something more appropriate!

Canada scored themselves an Australian nanny on the third of February, this day had to be one of the most amazing days of my life. I could have looked at that day and instantly reminded myself that another month had passed since my Dad was taken from us. I didn’t though, I did remember this day as what it was but I looked at this day from an angle of a new beginning, a fresh start and a chance to learn more about myself. I think it was twenty minutes from leaving my Mum, my best friend and my younger brothers and sister at the airport that I broke down in tears and asked myself “What the heck am I doing?” People looked at me as if I was crazy and I probably did look crazy crying in the middle of the waiting terminal, it didn’t help that when I sat on the plane I read the letters that I was left with, one from my Mum and one from a very good friend. My Mum has always inspired me, but then she told me that I have always inspired her. I use to pick fights with her all the time but I guess this was because I loved her so much and now I have learnt that the person who inspires you usually gets their inspiration from you.

Here in Canada I look after two beautiful little girls. Hannah is three years old and Lilah is 19 months. Sarah and Will are two amazing parents who both work full time jobs and find that I have completely de-stressed there lives. I live in an apartment that is attached to the house, I have my own kitchen, bathroom, room, closet, etc, I find having my own space is a blessing as I know other nannies that have a room next to the parents and childrens room and share facilities. Everything is completely different here to Australia and I do miss my spaghetti and bakes beans in a tin the most! I get mixed up with the little things that they call things. For example. Soft drink is POP, it all gets a little confusing. Will tells me that us Australian's are a little backwards but I think it may be the other way around!

I do different crafts and activities with the girls everymorning before lunch. Today as a treat for Hannah who is Three years old and still sucking a pacifier (soother, dummy) I took her to Dairy Queen for lunch with Lilah and myself. She slept without one yesterday when she had a nap and didn't have one for the whole day until at about 9:00 pm and her Mum and Dad were going out so she was a little upset and I have her one to calm her and she let me take it out as soon as she woke up this morning so I thought it would only be fare on her if I gave her a treat.

Weekend starts in approx three hours and I'm more then excited to have some time off. Saturday Im going ice fishing which Im madly in love with then  going to have dinner with Will's family and then coming back home and looking after Sarah's sisters two daughters while her and her husband go to a party, apparently they are counting down the days until they get to have the Australian girl come and look after them. This will probably be a big night so I'll come home late and sleep until 9sh and then get ready for my first time at church since before I left Australia, Im looking forward to this. Im craving church! I found an anglican one just around the corner from me, it's beautiful, it's a different denomination to the one back home but I to me church is church and God is God. I will be going by myself, so Im a little nervous but excited at the same time.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. What a great name change to the Blog...Love the photos of the girls...looking forward to many more posts from Canada..

  2. How lovely reading about your time so far, and how wonderful it is to hear the joy in your post. I am thrilled you are enjoying your time Alanah-May and I know how your Mum is thrilled to keep up to date with what you are up to-its gives her peace like all of us Mum's who have children who have left home.
    hugs Deb (NZ)

  3. Hi Alanah, Love the name of your blog. I was reding your Mum's blog & she said you'd started one & to drop by & say "hello" so here i am. Sounds like you are having a fabulous time & i hope to read more of your adventures. Hugs, Jeanette

  4. Hi Alanah

    Your mum said you'd stared a blog finally. Wow, I admire you so! I hope you continue to enjoy your nannying job - it sounds like the little girls are sweet & good for you and their parents are nice. That's the battle won. What an adventure!

    I look forward to lots of fun posts of your escapades in Canada - pictures please!

    Stay safe and have fun - you go girl!

    Cheers - Joolz (South Australia)