Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blue Rodeo and others

Baby Lilah looking beautiful as always!

I have experienced the first of a few things here in Canada the last few days. Learnt how to snowmobile, got a pedicure and saw a famous Canadian band- Blue Rodeo. I'm easily adjusting to such fun events! Only a couple of more sleeps until we head to the US for Spring Break. We are going to South Carolina, Myrtle Beach. I'm so excited for this!
Blue Rodeo concert was amazing! I've been to festivals with big singers but I've never been to a sit down concert so it was good to experience something different.
I'm starting to get the hang of doing a blog, but still get completely confused when I'm doing simple things!

Starting to miss Australia a bit, but I guess that is to be expected. Missing the hot weather, the weather here is far to cold for me, but I have finally gotton use to the fact that 7 degrees here is clasified as a nice day during winter but for us in Australia it's freezing.

I love the snow though, that's the upside, I had never seen snow fall in my life until I came here, and it is just so beautiful.

Did some crafts with the girls today and made a home out of pipe cleaners and nothing else. We made a house, swimming pool, flower, ant, bunny rabbit and a gate around the house. It turned out well, but wouldn't stand up properly.

Well, I dont really have alot to say today!Hope you all have a wonderful day! :)


  1. I love that photo of Lala...the craft looks like it is going well, nice house....Sounds like you are enjoying life WAY to much over there...lol

  2. The snow looks so pretty (if chilly)!